Gain Insta-Clients with an Easy Yes Offer When Speaking

Gain Insta-Clients with an Easy Yes Offer When Speaking
Gain Insta-Clients with an Easy Yes Offer When Speaking

By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

Are you ready to come home with clients every time you speak? Great! All you need is an “Easy Yes” offer. It is the offer you make from the front of the room or stage when you speak. The idea is to make an offer that is easy to say yes to because it has a price that is easy to say yes to and an amount of time involved that is easy to invest as well, meaning offering a weekend workshop is a harder yes than offering a one hour tele-seminar.

Use an Offer Sheet

The Offer Sheet is a sales tool. It should clearly describe in writing your Easy Yes offer include a place to pay immediately. Make your offer time sensitive. It can say something like: Regular price $397, today it is $97.

Give Yourself Time to Make the Ask

After you have delivered solid value for the duration of your talk, save the last two to five minutes to make your offer. Don’t sell yourself short here, don’t leave yourself one or two minutes because you are feeling shy or embarrassed about selling. Your value packed speech earns you the right to make an Easy Yes offer. Remember, you are offering the audience an opportunity to serve them more if they want your support.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Too many times presenters take all their prep time for their speeches that come across strong and because no preparation was given to the Easy Yes offer it falls flat. Practice what your offer is, know the details inside and out. Practice speaking with your conviction and sharing the features, benefits, results and most importantly, the transformation people get from working with you. Now it is time for you to start to practice your Easy Yes offer.

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