Be a Magnet for Clients and Thrive

All the joy of our lives is not in the outcome, but in the process. Finishing a marathon, walking, over the threshold of your first home, and seeing someone’s face when you tell them, you love them, are experiences that fill only moments. Success is not destinations we arrive at; it is an attitude we utilize along the way. Do not rob yourself of the satisfaction that lies on your path along the way—enjoy every call you make, every bath you take, every pile of leaves you rake and every loaf of bread you break. Revel in the process of leading a successful life—today.

The more you see yourself and your life as successful, the more success you will experience and attract, Do the following as see for yourself.

Acknowledge all the small successes in the process. Count your “wins” daily. Wins are all those things that go your way in a given day—the letter you wrote, the VIP you finally got hold of, the parking ticket you eluded, the compliment you received.

Smile. Both psychologically and physiologically, this simple, easy action improves our well-being, which improves our outlook, which prepares us for all the great things we are expecting to happen to us. To become fit and healthy from a success standpoint, give your smile muscles a workout just like the rest of your body.

Hold your success attitude in your body. Stand up straight, raise your chin up, keep your shoulders back and feet firmly planted. Feel the power of personal success in every cell in your body.

Create a compelling success image in your mind. See yourself as a success magnet, Imagine it vividly and in detail—what are you doing, where are you, what are you wearing? Make your success as real as possible in your mind, so your magnetism is even stronger and, as a result, your actions even bigger.

Do affirmations. I like to call them “intentions.” State to yourself over and over what you intend to create in your life. State your intentions verbally, out loud to yourself; state them silently, in your mind; and record them on a cassette tape so that you can listen to yourself stating what you are magnetizing into your life.
You will only manifest in your life what you first manifest in your mind.

Be bold. Do all those things today that you know you will do when you are more successful. That is how you will attract and create the success you desire in your personal and professional life.

Greet every day with the belief that good things are going to happen to you. Expect to be successful with your calls, appointments and projects. Your life will be enriched; you will take more risks, make more requests, and seize more opportunities. That will result in a better life, and that is what success is all about.

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