Are You A Coach Who Needs A Coach?

Are You A Coach Who Needs A Coach?
Are You A Coach Who Needs A Coach?

By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

This is part one of a four-part article about being coached if you are a coach. Watch for the other parts very soon.

Why Do I Need a Coach?

Some of you have been following me, taking my workshops, and been connected to me in various ways on social media. I always have things to teach you about speaking, being your own best self (only better!), and making your business grow. Since I’m always coaching others, would you be surprised to learn that I have a coach?


One of the top reasons for me to have a coach is for accountability. This is something that I teach in my classes. A coach can really hold your feet to the fire. They will tell it like it is in a way that you can hear it. A coach can identify the gaps between where you say you want to be and where you actually are. For instance, people in my summits and conferences always want to make more money. But very often there’s a disconnect somewhere in their sales process—I call it a sales fountain—that they can’t see. It’s so much easier for someone on the outside to see that gap. We’re all human, and I have that gap, too.

Learn in a Supportive and Safe Environment

Another reason I have my own coach is so that I can learn without fear. For you, my friends, I always try to keep an open and loving space where you can learn. And I want that in a coach for myself, too. Those first baby steps while you’re learning something new can be the scariest. So to really learn them well, you need to take those baby steps in the presence of a coach. Once you can walk a little, you can take your new skills out into the world.

Walking My Talk

It’s very important for me to act in an ethical way. When I am coached myself, I have the empathy that I need to make my words “real” when I’m coaching someone else. Do you hear what I’m saying here? I haven’t just learned something in a book, but experienced it firsthand. That way, when it comes to coaching others, I understand the learning process from the inside. If I said to you that you need a coach, and I didn’t have a coach myself, what would I be teaching? Of course I’d want to have a coach. There is someone pushing me just as I’m pushing those I coach, to be my best.

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