Who You Are is Monetizable

By Caterina Rando, MA, CPPC lady laying on money

Who You Are Is Monetizable

When women entrepreneurs want to get more clients, they focus on emphasizing what they are offering and what results they can get for their clients. This is great. But I want you to know that you have so much more to offer than just your skills and your services—so much more.

Building Relationships Based on Who You Are

People choose to work with you not only because of what you can do for them but because of how you make them feel. Your marketing strategies for small business, for example, can only go so far in aiding your client to boost her sales, but who your client becomes as an individual and a businessperson with your professional relationship can take her to greater heights.

Acknowledging Your Special Traits

Who you are is the sum of all those qualities that are wonderfully, authentically you. Because they are innate in you, you may not have yet realized that they are anything special. Consider the acupuncturist who gives her patients a hug when she first sees them and sits down and really explains the treatment to them, making them feel cared for and empowered about their health. Or the image consultant who looks great but not intimidating and who sees beauty in everyone, so she makes all her clients feel beautiful.

Now, think about the special qualities you have that you think draw clients to you. Maybe you are warm, generous, kind, and fun. Maybe you make people feel safe or that their opinions matter. Identify your special traits and amplify them in your business. For example, if people in your industry have a reputation for being unreliable, be super reliable. If integrity is a rare virtue in your profession, then be the embodiment of integrity. If you are in small business marketing, always be confident in your own work and understand that believing in what you’re doing is no small business.

Banking on Your Special Traits

You don’t have to learn these special traits because you already have them, but sometimes business seminars and workshops are necessary to let you acknowledge their existence in you.

I encourage you to go and think about what are those qualities that you want to emphasize and present more in the marketplace. Emphasize these qualities in all you do in your business and see how much more you magnetize clients to you.

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